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Exercise was once said it’s about losing weight, getting toned, or looking a certain way. That’s why we’re changing the narrative and canceling exercise and using movement. Movement can actually be fun and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. We’ll discuss why movement is important for everyone and how to get started on your own movement journey. So let’s dive in!

Why Movement is Important

Regular physical activity can help improve mood and mental health by releasing endorphins—chemicals in the brain that make the brain feel happier and more relaxed. Movement can also help reduce stress levels by helping the brain gain control over thoughts and emotions. Additionally, movement has been found to improve sleep quality as well as boost energy levels throughout the day.


No matter what your current fitness level is or what type of movement you do, regular physical activity can help keep your body strong and functioning properly. For elderly people or those with disabilities or chronic diseases, low-impact activities such as walking, swimming, yoga, stretching or tai chi are great ways to stay active without putting too much strain on their bodies.

Getting Started

Now that you understand why regular physical activity is important for everyone, let’s talk about how you can start incorporating it into your daily routine. Start by setting small goals that are achievable and realistic—for example: going for a 15-minute walk every day; doing 10 minutes of stretching three times a week; or joining a community that you feel safe and heard. Once you’ve created these goals for yourself, tracking progress of movement can show you how far you come.  It can be the time or distance from when you first started walking, to the amount of weight you’re lifting, to just basic daily activities around your house.


You don’t have to go at it alone—there are plenty of resources available online such as fitness apps, like Joyful Inclusive Movement specifically designed with different types of people in mind aging, fat, LGBTQ+ individuals or people of color who may not feel comfortable exercising in traditional gyms. You could even ask friends or family members to join you on your movement journey if they’re open to it! The important thing here is that whatever type of movement you choose, it should be enjoyable enough so that it becomes part of your daily activities instead of feeling like an obligation.

Movement isn’t just about hitting the gym every day; it’s about finding something fun that works for you and practicing it over time so that it becomes part of your activities of daily living. Whether it’s walking around the block once a week with a friend or taking an online yoga class twice a week from home—whatever works best for YOU—movement is essential for everyone both physically and mentally. The key is simply finding something enjoyable enough so that it doesn’t feel like an obligation but rather something exciting and rewarding enough to keep coming back to! So go out there and get started on a fun joyful movement journey today!




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