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JIM instructors are passionate about making fitness inclusive, body-neutral, and accessible for every body.

Daniela (she/her) is a Toronto-based weight-neutral personal trainer in a plus size body. She advocates for strength at all shapes and sizes and wants to help you rewrite the narrative that fitness is punishment - celebrate your body for wh…
Founder, Functional, Strength, Weightlifting
Wendy is a fat-positive personal trainer that specializes in functional strength and conditioning.  She teaches the foundations of functional movement, weightlifting, and power training, including safe practices and recovery methods…
Meet Karen, an accessible yoga teacher with a passion for making yoga accessible to all. She has been teaching yoga since 2019 and has experience teaching a variety of classes, including yin, chair, gentle yoga, and yoga Nidra. With a deep …
Kickboxing, Tai Chi
Stacy Kim, the founder of KUMA Fit, Feel Strong Movement, and Stacy Kim Coaching, has dedicated her life to teaching. She has taught over 10,000 classes and has trained in martial arts and fitness for over 15 years. As a gym owner, she s…
Carly offers a contemporary movement education informed by science as well as experience that is built on the pillars of accessibility and empowerment and rooted in social activism. As a a passionate advocate for body positivity, Carly teac…
Movement Specialist
Elisha is an athletic trainer and movement specialist.  She has 19 years of experience caring for people with a whole body approach. Her areas of interest are injury prevention and mobility to strengthen the body and reduce pain. Elish…
Damali Fraiser (she/her/hers) is a Canadian Kettlebell Instructor, Nutrition Coach, and author passionate about exploring fitness from an intersectional lens.  Founder of Lift Off Strength & Wellness Damali is a compassionate coach and …
Ivy Baron, MSW has been teaching movement since 2005 and is the owner of Requisite Pilates in Austin, TX. Her "Judgement Free" approach to Pilates is informed by her background in Social Work. Ivy is dedicated to creating an inclusive …
Lyndsie (she/her) is one of our resident pilates instructors. Her invitation for you is to meet your body with kindness and move with it, rather than against it.She spent years working out, and really, working against her own body's nature.…
Dr. Ar’neka Cooper
Dr. Ar’neka is a chiropractor, myofascial specialist, movement expert, and the co-founder of Resilient Spine. She earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic, as well as her Masters in Sports Health Science from Life University where she worked as…

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