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Founder, Functional, Strength, Weightlifting

Wendy is a fat-positive personal trainer that specializes in functional strength and conditioning. 

She teaches the foundations of functional movement, weightlifting, and power training, including safe practices and recovery methods, which my clients use in their everyday lives to improve their activities of daily living greatly. Wendy lives with ADHD, depressive disorder, and anxiety while in recovery from an eating disorder. She’s experienced fatphobia and weight bias first-hand and understand how traumatic this is in a movement space.

Wendy can empathize with how it can affect one’s self-esteem, confidence, and body trust. This is why she created My Joyous Adaptive Momentous Movement and Joyful Inclusive Movement. 

Wendy is creating movement spaces that are truly authentic, accessible, inclusive, safe, and effective. It’s important to her to connect with my community through movement to show them how much fun it can be moving their body!

Videos by Wendy

  • 20 Min